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Anh Robot 's resume (CV) - Phan Hoàng Anh

Full name: Phan Hoàng Anh
Gender: Male                   Date of birth: 25/05/1991
Nationality: Vietnam
Address: A2 25.12 EraTown Duc Khai, Nguyen Luong Bang Str,  Tan Phu Ward, Dist 7, HCMC.
Cell Phone/ Zalo/ Whatsapp: (+84) 856729315
E-mail: hoanganhphan91@gmail.com
Successfully established and operated many science and technology enterprises to contribute to the development of Vietnam.
Technology-Engineering capacity
  • Programming language: C/C++, blockly, Labview, Visual C#....
  • Programming experiences: Microcontroller, embeded programming with  arduino, basic robotics, signal control from PC, smartphone to robot (android phone controlled robot, line tracker-object avoider,  robot arm, smarthome…).
  • Android phone programming with AppInventor (signal control, voice recorgnition….)
  • Unmaned flying devices (airplane, multicopter…)
  • IOT programing (Internet of things) with Wemos D1, Node MCU based on supporting platform, e.g: Thingspeak, AppInventor, Blynk…
  • Device control via phone messages.
  • 3d printer operation, 3d design with Tinkercad, Sketchup….
  • Laser cutter, 2d design with Corel draw…
  • Interior design Homestyler.
  • Computer Vision programing, AI train for object detection with Teachable.
  • Setting up dynamic and static hydroponic system.
  • Experience in operation of  Universal Industrial robot.
Pedagogical and education management capacity
  • Directly teaching STEM Robotics classes, developing program at Canadian International School System, organizing online teaching when the school needs.
  • Experience in using Google classroom in online teaching
  • Manage Makerspace teachers and coordinate equipment and facilities between classrooms at Unica and Edumall
  • Build up robotics lessons at Robot cho mọi người and Trung tâm e-STEAM Youtube channel
  • In charged of school robotics team and archived some award, e.g: Srobot, MakeX, Sciencbox, MYOR
  • HR experiences in education area.
  • Experience in working with Department of Education and Training for getting license for a STEAM center and evaluating education program.
Enterprise management and operation capacity
  • Co-founder of Tiếng Việt Ơi Teaching Group and Robot cho mọi người.
  • Experience of developing Youtube, website, fanpage.
  • Sale experience (uniform, electionics devices, courses, real estate…)
  • HR experience in Canadian International School and Tiếng Việt Ơi Teaching group.
  • Video editing skill for video marketing.
Language capacity
  • Fluent in English (IELTS 6.5)
  • Basic Japanese (Sankyu ceritification).
  • From 3/2017 to 15/1/2021: Canadian International School System
+ Position: Makerspace coordinator cum Department Heads
+ In charge of: Directly teaching, building lesson plan, facility-classroom planning, and STEM center development planning.
  • From 9/2013 to now:TVO Teaching Group
+ Position: Cofounder cum Marketing manager.
+ In charge of: Developing media channel and company growing up plan.
  • From 2/2015 to now: Robot cho mọi người
+ Position: Co-founder
+ In charge of: Make instructional videos, brand developing
  • From 1/2014 to 9/2016: Vietnam Institution of Development Strategy – Department of Planning and Investment
+ Position: Researcher
+ In charge of: Searching and translating document
9/2009 to 9/2013: University of Economic – Hanoi National University
Major: Economic development
GPA: 3.3/4. Graduated with honor
9/2010 to 2/2012 Hanoi University
Major: Computer Science
GPA: 7.8/10
  • StartUp Wheel 2019 (3rd price and Creative price)
Youtube channel: Robot cho mọi người
Youtube channel: Tieng Viet Oi – Vietnamese lesson
Published courses in Unica.vn
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